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Customary Regional Forums

Customary Iwi Regional Forums

2005 - 2006


The Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) have initiated a process for customary Maori regional forums to be established around the country. The Customary Relationship Unit, Te Tari o te Kahui Pou Hononga, has been created and will be providing funding of $20,000 per annum to the customary regional forums. Each region has a representative on the Pou Hononga team.

These customary forums have certain criteria that have to be met before they are eligible for funding. An MFish Extension Officer will be available to each forum to provide support and technical services.

There is very little information available to us on some of the regional iwi forums. As we get more information this will be posted online.

If you can offer us information relevant to this section please contact us by email customary@option4.co.nz

option4 have taken a keen interest in the potential of customary Maori management tools to achieve more sensible and acceptable marine protection. The goal of "more fish in the water" has pushed us to engage in several hui and many meetings with Maori to assess and confirm our common interests in the marine environment for both fisheries management and marine protection.

Customary Forums

Hokianga Accord
Ngapuhi and other non-commercial fishers have joined forces to achieve the common goal of "more fish in the water". Follow the progress we are making and learn more about the potential that exists for us all.

Jul 2005

Marine Protection

Mataitai and taiapure established as at February 2003.

Feb 2003

Fisheries Management

Closure of the western Coromandel to the gathering of cockles and pipi under section 186A of the Fisheries Act 1996.

Nov 2004

Reference Material

Glossary of Terms

A glossary of Maori and fisheries management terms used in the hui reports and other material published by the Hokianga Accord.

May 2006

Map of Iwi Forums

A map of the North Island depicting the area each of the northern iwi forums cover including the freshwater fisheries forum.

Consultation - Section 12 of the Fisheries Act clearly states the Minister must provide for the input and participation of tangata whenua before he does anything.
Section 186 of the Fisheries Act 1996 - regulations relating to customary fishing.
Section 186A of the Fisheries Act 1996 - temporary closure of fishing area or restriction on fishing methods.
Section 186B of the Fisheries Act 1996 - temporary closure of fisheries.


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