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Reference Group Process

Reference Group Process

Minutes, Occasional and Discussion Papers


In December 2002 option4, NZ Big Game Fishing Council and NZ Recreational Fishing Council signed off on a "Letter of Consensus". This letter was a breakthrough in representation of the public and confirmed the existing working relationship between these organisations. The claim there was no consensus amongst the groups was no longer valid.

Representatives met with the Minister of Fisheries, Pete Hodgson, to re-establish momentum in the discussions over how to better define and protect the public's right to fish for food.

The documents are in chronological order to make it easier for you to follow the process.

Consensus Reference Material
Minister's response to the second Letter of Consensus from the Rights Reference Group.

Dec 2003

Second Letter of Consensus  spelling out our opposition to changes to section 21 and support of other suggestions in the Reform Package from MFish.

Dec 2003

The Minister responds to the first Letter of Consensus.

Jan 2003

Consensus Letter from option4, NZBGFC and NZRFC expressing concerns about the lack of momentum to define and protect our fishing right.

Dec 2002

Progress - Minutes of Meetings

Third Reference Group meeting

Further discussion on the development of the reform package.

Mar 2003

Second Reference Group meeting

Development of reform options consistent with the constraints set out by the Minister of Fisheries and the principles set out in the first Consensus Letter.

Feb 2003

First Reference Group meeting

An important meeting to define a process to ascertain if we could agree on reforms incorporating the 4 four principles of option4, NZBGFC & NZRFC.

Jan 2003

Meeting with the Minister

The Minister stated his support for getting the process underway again but indicated he wanted to be assured that there was a reasonable prospect for an agreed reform option being produced.

Dec 2002

Background Information
Reform of the Amateur Marine Fishing Policy Paper presented to the Reference Group by the Ministry of Fisheries.

Sep 2003

Talking Points paper presented to the Reference Group meeting.

Feb 2003

Mataitai and taiapure established as of February 2003

Feb 2003

Occasional Papers - Presented and discussed at the meeting with the Minister
Allocation between stakeholders.

Dec 2002

Legal nature of recreational fishing rights.

Dec 2002

Obligations to Maori.

Dec 2002

Maintaining the marine environment and recreational fishing rights.

Dec 2002

Sanford (South Island) Ltd. vs Moyle (Minister of Fisheries) High Court case 1989. A transcript provided from Brooker & Co.


Recreational fisheries management developments in Australia (relevant to the rights and compensation issues).

How the right to fish for sustenance purposes became subject to constraints.

How the change from fixed to proportional ITQ came about.



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