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The following representative organisations or groups have a common interest with option4 in their desire to have "more fish in the water" or an interest in the marine environment. Please use the links below to find out more about them.

Hokianga Accord

Recreational and customary fishers have joined forces in the north to achieve the common goal of "more fish in the water". Follow the progress of this historic union of fishing interests.

Ministerial Advisory Committee

The Recreational Fishing Ministerial Advisory Committee has been appointed and held their first meeting in August. Read more detail and the minutes of their introduction to the Minister of Fisheries.


option4 affiliates to the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of NZ in the interests of everyone to access and enjoy our marine environment.


option4 write and thank the NZACA for their support expressed through a letter to the editor of the NZ Fishing News

9 Sep 03

The NZACA write a letter to the editor of the NZ Fishing News supporting option4's effort.

Sep 03

The New Zealand Angling and Casting Association is the 'Parent Body' looking after the interests of shore and small boat fishers.


The New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council are applicants to the Kahawai Legal Challenge and the upcoming Appeal Court case.


The New Zealand Recreational Fishing Council are the other applicants to the Kahawai Legal Challenge.


Outdoor Recreation NZ is working to ensure your rights in accessing the outdoors are not eroded any further. Give yourself some time to read their latest news...



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