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August 2000

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The Soundings document created by the Ministry of Fisheries and the NZ Recreational Council's Rights Working Group present three options:

Option 1:
Discretionary share.
Basically this is the status quo. A weak and vulnerable share which allows for the continual erosion of public access to the fishery. This option suggests that recreational fishers may benefit from increased use of customary Maori area management tools such as Taipure and Mataitai reserves to resolve conflict with the commercial sector. No public priority over commercial fishers exists under option 1.

Option 3:
Fundamentally this is the same as Option 2 with the non-commercial sector being forced into a fixed share (quota) of a commercially run fishery. Option 3 suggests that the necessary funding to run the required bureaucracy be achieved by licensing recreational fishers or taxing noncommercial fishers on all tackle purchases. Leasing our quota, which will be needed for recreational fishing, to commercial fishers as a way of funding option 3 is also suggested. Option 3 offers no identifiable benefits over and above any questionable benefits available under option 2. In truth, option 3 is just a means of funding the enormous bureaucracy required to achieve the Ministry of Fisheries main objective of capping the noncommercial catch.

Option 2:
A fixed share of the fishery.
It is proposed that noncommercial fishers be given a share of the fishery. It is feared that this share will not allow for future increases in public demand through inevitable population growth or increased interest in noncommercial fishing or the gathering of seafood. In an overwhelming majority of fisheries the public share would be much less than half that given to the commercial sector. Effectively with option 2 the public who fish, or gather seafood would become minor shareholders in a commercially run fishery. It would become almost impossible to resolve any management concerns held by the fishing and harvesting public under this regime. The immense funding and bureaucracy required to run option 2 is left unresolved.

Download the Soundings Document. Click here.
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was developed to ensure that the fishing public, clubs and organisations as well as individuals can send a clear message to fisheries managers demanding precisely what is required to ensure the rights of current and future generations of noncommercial fishers are protected.

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