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MFish Correspondence

Correspondence with the Ministry of Fisheries


Statement of Intent

Every year the Ministry of Fisheries issue a Statement of Intent (SOI) setting out the strategic direction of MFish. option4 could not let the 2006-11 document go unchallenged. In June option4 submitted that MFish do not have any intent to meaningfully engage with the public and representative organisations. Full details of the 2006 process here...

7 Jun 06


MFish Bulletins 2006

MFish's latest news on the sustainability round, regulatory round, regulation review process, Shared Fisheries Policy project and much more...

Jul 2006

(Pdf 190Kb)

MFish update on the Shared Fisheries Policy project, 2006 sustainability round and the concurrence process for DoC's Aotea (Great Barrier) marine reserve application.

Apr 2006

(Pdf 60Kb)

MFish Reform Plans 2001-02

Ministry revise their Consultation plan for 2002

- this is very different from the initial plan

4 Feb 02

Ministry of Fisheries draft "Consultation Plan for Recreational Fishing Reform - 2002/2003"

This overall process will aim to generate improved policy advice from the Ministry to the government to enable the Cabinet to make decisions on recreational management reform in 2003.

21 Dec 01


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