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Recreational Fishing Ministerial Advisory Committee

2005 - 2006


The Minister of Fisheries has appointed seven people to the Advisory Committee to provide him with independent advice about strategic recreational fishing matters.

The seven nominees are:  

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Bob Meikle   this initiative in January 2005.
Geoff Rowling   We remain on standby as to the
Kim Walshe   value of this forum. We hope it will
Lorraine Hill  
Max Hetherington   of all recreational
Peter Ellery   fishers » » » »
Sheryl Hart    

To help you understand their focus and achievements we have posted the following documents for your information. As we receive more information we will post them here for you to read.

More detail is available on the Ministry of Fisheries website » »

If you have any information you would like to add please contact us.



The Shared Fisheries Policy project was the main point of discussion during the second meeting of the Ministerial Advisory Committee. Other topics included recreational harvest research, Maori Fisheries Act 2004 and revenue to manage recreational fishing.

Feb 2006


Full text available in PDF (70Kb) here................................. » » »
The first meeting of the Advisory Committee was held in August. A range of issues were raised including interaction with DoC and the Marine Protected Areas Strategy. Full minutes of the meeting are now available.

Aug 2005


Full text available in a PDF (60Kb) here.............................. » » »
Ministers Announcement
Letter from the Minister advising of the appointments to the Recreational Fishing Ministerial Advisory Committee.

19 Jul 05

The Minister's announcement of a fishing "hotline" to Government.

4 Jul 05

Nominations are called from recreational fishers to participate in the regional fishing forums being established around the country.

19 Feb 05

This new initiative of a Ministerial Committee "will give recreational fishers greater input into fisheries decision-making" says the Minister.

12 Jan 05


Is there consensus amongst recreational fishers?

We think so. Please read the following documents and make up your own mind.

Initial letter of consensus sent to the Minister of Fisheries expressing concerns about the lack of momentum to define and protect our fishing rights. The letter was signed by option4, the NZ Big Game Fishing Council and the NZ Recreational Fishing Council.

Dec 2002

Another consensus letter by all three groups and the NZ Angling & Casting Association to the Minister spelling out our opposition to changes to section 21 of the Fisheries Act and supporting other MFish proposals.

Dec 2003



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