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NZ Fish Species Management

New Zealand Fish Species

Management measures



Under each species we have collated the relevant information for each Fisheries Management Area (FMA) - these include extracts from the Ministry of Fisheries "Initial Position Papers" (IPPs) that contain MFish' recommendations to the Minister, submissions from option4 and others (as available), the Minister's decisions and the Final Advice Papers (FAPs) that MFish offer the Minister.

Much of this work is from the annual sustainability round of the fisheries management process. Also, where appropriate we have included information on the process for introducing new species into the Quota Management System (QMS).


Management Issues

Issues relating to the overall management of fish stocks in New Zealand are covered in the Fisheries Management section of the website.


Important reference and policy documents

A comprehensive list of important reference documents, reports, policy documents and links to related material is available in the Information section of the website.


Submissions Due Closed:
Crayfish Concession Area Regulations 9 Sept 2011
Pacific bluefin tuna 1 Aug 2011






If we are to go forward with confidence, it is critical we know where we have come from and how. So much of the complexity and uncertainty surrounding our right to fish for food is a result of this sort of information not being made readily available in a durable format. We hope that this section, over time, will help contribute to clear, consistent and fair fisheries management decisions by having good information readily available and the experience of previous processes.


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