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Correspondence with the Minister

Consensus Letter

Consensus letter sent to the Minister of Fisheries pointing out issues that were fundamental to the resolution of the shared fisheries debate. This letter was signed by the NZBGFC, the NZRFC, Ngapuhi and option4.

19 May 06

Media Release - David Benson - Pope

Recreational fishers to get new voice in fisheries decision-making

12 Jan 05

NZACA write to David Benson-Pope

The NZACA congratulate the new Minister, discuss marine reserves and offer him their expertise. All in one letter!......

May 2004

option4 letter to the new Minister, David Benson-Pope

The Minister is urged to manage our fisheries resources in the best interests of the public, long term conservation and growth.  Read the full letter from option4 here...

26 Mar 04

Hodgson Leaves Fisheries

Pete Hodgson leaves as Minister of Fisheries and wishes option4 every success for the future.

8 Mar 04

option4 write to the Minister regards his upcoming allocation decisions for Kingfish as it enters the QMS
Last month we received your letter stating your decision to put some shellfish species into the QMS on the 1st of April 2004. This reminded us that soon you will be thinking about proposals for setting the TAC, TACC, Maori and recreational allowances for kingfish.

7 May 03


The Minister writes - "good that the recreational fishing sector now speak
with one voice on reform issues. This means we can now focus on the issues
and a constructive process to identify what is achievable and what is not

We would like to point out that the consensus was reached before the occassional papers were released. In fact we believe the failure to progress the process has nothing to do with the consensus or lack thereof. Typical spin.

The Minister then goes on to outline "Constraints" ie the Treaty Settlements and QMS - nothing new.

Further denial of the Moyle promise as ever being Government policy although
he acknowledges that improvements to the current regime should recognise the
intentions of the Moyle promise where this is possible.


21 Jan 03



Letter of consensus between NZBGFC, NZRFC and option4
to the Minister.
The purpose of this letter is to advise you that there is complete consensus between NZRFC, NZBGFC and option4.co.nz on the following key recreational fisheries management principles. This consensus has existed for some time and is now formalised in this document.

8 Dec 02


A last minute effort to urge the Minister

to consider the new Receational Harvest Estimates when setting the TAC for the first time and making allowance for recreational fishing in this very important public fishery. This letter was sent after submissions to the IPP had closed but before the Minister had made his decisions.

5 Sept 02


Pete Hodgson replies to option4 concerns regards ongoing consultation
let me assure you that I am committed to the ongoing discussion and debate on options for the reform of recreational fisheries management.......
I strongly refute your suggestion that I, or my Ministry consider listening to the public to be unnecessary - the process outlined above is a direct consequence of public submissions received in the first round of consultation .....

6 June 02


Cover letter sent to all MP's re open letter to the Minister
Cover letter sent to all MP's advising them of the need for them to prepare
a position and be ready to state their position.......

2 June 02

Minister Hodgson replies to option4 response to Cabinet Paper.
The Ministry is going to prepare a public discussion document with some recommended changes to the management regime and all stakeholders will get the opportunity to comment on it before I make my decisions

25 Mar 02

Open letter to the Minister of Fisheries
option4 writes in open form to the Minister expressing dissapointment with lack of progess and points out the stall out of the public consultation that is suppossed to have been occuring..............

13 May 02

option4 responds to the Cabinet Paper outlining areas of concerns and disagreement.
Recreational Fisheries Reform - option4 concerns and disagreement highlighted throughout the document in blue.

11 Mar 02

option4 writes to the Minister expressing concern about proposed regulation changes in Fiordland and asks for meeting to discuss the long overdue review of Amateur Fishing Regulations.
We wish to express our grave concern about the direction and intention of the Guardians of Fiordland Fisheries (GOFF) as stated at their meeting on 09/10/2001 at the Invercargill Workingman's Club, and other meetings.

20 Nov 01


Cabinet Paper on "Recreational Fisheries Reform" process and outcomes presented by Minister Hodgson to Cabinet Committee
The paper reports on the outcome of the public consultation process on recreational fisheries reform, and recommends the next steps

14 Nov 01


NZBGFC writes to the Minister re Broadbill
The NZBGFC has been asking for some restraint on the commercial catch of Broadbill Swordfish for 3 years now. Your letter to me on the 30 August 2000 gave me encouragement that positive steps had been taken on this issue with Broadbill being scheduled into the 2001/02 sustainability round. That review required consultation with interested parties in time for regulation changes on 1 October 2001 to address this matter.

23 Nov 01



Ministers Press Release on result of Soundings and Cabinet decisions
The Ministry of Fisheries will improve the information it collects on recreational fishing catch over the next year, to provide a better basis for government decisions on on the future management of marine recreational fisheries.

29 Nov 01

option4 writes to the Minister
The decision made at our last MCG meeting to thoroughly debate the legal aspects surrounding the public’s fishing rights in the marine environment offers us real encouragement, as we will be debating the foundation upon which future legislation will be built...

3 Aug 01


The Ministry of Fisheries offers their Minister advice on the feedback given by MCG participants on draft Ministry Policy proposals July 2001
This document is available for you to read as it has been released under the Official Information Act - Feb 2002

9 Jul 01

option4 feedback to Ministry Policy Proposals at MCG July 2001 - Released under the Official Information Act Feb 2002
option4 feedback to Ministry draft Policy Proposals tabled at the MCG meetings in July/August 2001. Until now (March 2002) this has not been available for distribution as it was put forward in the MCG where the terms were Chatham House Rules. These rules were agreed to by those involved, although not very willingly. In hindsight they did not serve the interests of the public other than to allow some people "inside the tent" as it were.
However thanks to the Official Information Act we are now able to share with you what feedback we were able to offer the Minister on his Ministries policy proposals.

We did not get the opportunity to discuss most of the content of our feedback. The next stage of the process was the tabling of the Cabinet Paper by the Minister in November 2001.


5 Jun 01




The Ministers Speech at NZRFC AGM
This is the last scheduled opportunity for the Minister to deliver a public speech before legislative reform work underway re-appears in the form of Cabinet Papers and the Select Committee phase of the process...

13 Jul 01

Minister Pete Hodgson summarises his understandings of the various rights that the public have to go fishing...........

6 Jul 01

The Minister writes to the Herald (Letters to the Editor)

Scott Macindoe of the saltwater recreational fishing campaign group Option
4 is crying wolf with his claim that there is an "official agenda to
'privatise' the New Zealand fishery"....

5 Jun 01

option4 writes to the Minister

I can understand how you may have been disappointed by the tenor of my letter dated 24 May 2001. I was trying to reflect the views of our members after they were informed that they the role of the MAG was as "sounding board" for MFish ideas. We had hoped for more....

25 Feb 01


Response from the Minister regarding his Ministerial Advisory Group

"Thank you for your letter dated 24 April 2001. I am, however, disappointed at the tone. It seems that you are not inclined towards participating in a ministerial advisory group. I may be wrong and, if that is the case, you should proceed to nominate some candidates for my consideration."

15 May 01


option4 writes to the Minister, the Honourable Pete Hodgson

Your letter states that you are"seeking some honest feedback by knowledgeable individuals about the issues at hand," you have also mentioned directly the need to build trust and capacity between us, that is what this letter is all about.

29 Apr 01

Minister replies re MAG clarifying expectations

Minister of Fisheries, Pete Hodgson replies to option4 letter regards Terms of Engagement.
Clarifies his expectations of Ministerial Advisory Group role.
Rather than Policy development/capacity building the MAG will be a "sounding

12 Apr 01


option4 writes to the Minister, the Honourable Pete Hodgson

  • appreciation for full commitment from Minister
  • Acceptance of invitation to join Ministerial Advisory Group subject to
    agreeable Terms of Reference
  • Suggested Terms of Reference


3 Apr 01


Second Meeting with the Minister of Fisheries

A further meeting between option4 and Minister of Fisheries, Pete Hodgson was held on 22/3/01.

22 Mar 01

First Meeting with the Minister of Fisheries
The first meeting between option4 and the Minister of Fisheries, Pete Hodgson was held on 1/3/01.

1 Mar 01

The Minister responds
The Minister responds making the following points

  • Clarifies his opinion of status of "National Policy for Marine Recreational Fisheries", that was implemented by the previous Labour Governments¹ Minister of Fisheries (Colin Moyle) in June 1989
  • Expresses opinion regards "Priority"
  • Mentions the significance of Maori quota
  • Confirms extension of Submission Closure date - 20/12/00
  • Confirms that all those who make a submission will receive a copy of the summary of submissions


23 Nov 00





option4 writes to the Minister

  • Asking for the Public Submission closure date to be extended

21 Oct 00

option4 writes to the Minister

  • seeking clarification about what happens after the 30/11/00
  • asking for clarification on how those submissions supporting option4 will be regarded
  • asking for an opportunity to meet with the Minister

21 Oct 00



option4 writes to the Minister, the Honourable Pete Hodgson

  • offering background information on option4.co.nz.
  • seeking clarification on the "National Policy for Marine Recreational Fisheries", that was implemented by the previous Labour Governments Minister of Fisheries (Colin Moyle) in June 1989.

20 Oct 00



For full text of the National Policy for Marine Recreational Fisheries


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