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Marine Reserves

Marine Reserves



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Groundbreaking News!

In a groundbreaking move Ngati Wai have taken the Department of Conservation and the Minister, Chris Carter, to court over marine reserves.

5 Apr 06

Kaitiakitanga (Guardianship)

A chance to prove that kaitiakitanga (guardianship) is an alternative to marine reserves.

5 Apr 06

Closed Areas - A map clearly showing the closed areas around the North Island. Certainly worth a look...

Apr 2006


Marine reserves - Concurrence role of the Minister of Fisheries. A one page summary from MFish explaining the process to finalise a marine reserve.

Apr 2006


MFish comparison of spatial management tools applicable in the North Island and Chathams - taiapure, rahui, rohe moana, mataitai and marine reserves.

Mar 2006


Exciting progress is being made with Ngapuhi and other northern iwi to achieve the common objective of "more fish in the water." Read more about the latest hui to discuss how we can work together........

Jul 2005

The draft Marine Protected Areas (MPA) strategy is covered in detail. Please read the documents and provide your feedback.


Larry Baldock of United Future puts the Minister of Conservation on notice that his Department's tactics in promoting marine reserves is being monitored by more than just fishing interests. Read the response here...

12 Apr 05


Research Analysis Rebuttal

"We can no longer accept unsubstantiated claims that have not been proved inside New Zealand's marine reserves." says Dr J Floor Anthoni as he rebuts the DoC reserve reseach analysis.

Oct 2004


Research Analysis

DoC's debatable analysis of 12 marine reserves in New Zealand.

Oct 2004

Outdoor Recreation New Zealand react strongly to DoC's analysis by saying "The anecdotal evidence from the hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders who enjoy our marine environment has more credibility."

Oct 2004


NZ Biodiversity Strategy - Coastal and Marine
Marine Reserve Act Review and Submissions from representative organisations.

2002 -04

An update on current marine reserves from Chris Carter

Reponse to a written question in the House

Aug 2003

Marine reserve application protocol between DoC and MFish

(341 K)

Aug 2003

Chris Carter says everyone will benefit, including fishers

A rebuttal of the article in the NZ Herald by the Minister of Conservation

15 Apr 03

Marine reserves are not working - why hurry?

An excellent article by Dr Floor Anthoni, director of Seafriends Marine Conservation and Education Centre in Leigh.

Jan 2001

Marine Conservation

This site has a wealth of information on marine protection.

New Jersey introduced the NJ Freedom to Fish Act. This bill establishes requirements that must be met before any of the state's marine waters can be closed off to rod and reel fishing.

Feb 2003


Further details of other proposed and existing marine reserves are being collated and will soon be posted to this web page.

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