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Fisheries Regulations

The Amateur Fishing Regulations control the activities of the public who fish for food. The public includes Maori when they are not fishing for the purposes of their marae and exercising their very powerful customary fishing rights. Any changes to fisheries regulations impact on our right to go fishing for food.


Amateur Fishing Regulations 1986  
Official online source of regulations, including latest amendments and localised regulations, in relation to the Fisheries (Amateur Fishing) Regulations 1986.

Amateur fishing regulations

Ministry of Fisheries Rules  
For information on the current regulations go to the Ministry of Fisheries website and click on the area of your choice.........
MFish rules
Regulation Review 2005  
In July 2005 the Ministry of Fisheries announced proposals to amends aspects of the Amateur Fishing Regulations. The proposals were in a document called an Initial Position Paper (IPP). Full details and the response from option4 in a submission can be read here.....
Maori Customary Fishing  
Maori have very strong customary management rights and mechanisms recognised in the Deed of Settlement 1992 and legislated in the Fisheries Act. Please take the time to read the information provided and determine for yourself the potential the customary tools have to protect our marine environment and our fishing future.....
Fiordland Fisheries Reforms 2003 - 04  
A brief record of the process to amend fisheries management in the Fiordland region. An insight into how particular groups can implement changes without consulting with the wider public. Read all about the Guardians of Fiordland's Fisheries plans here.

Fiordland fisheries management











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