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Fish Suffering Due to MFish and Quota


Letter to Editor - Fish Suffering due to MFish and Quota

by Glen Wilson

April 2006


This letter was originally published in the New Zealand Herald 21st April 2006

Sir, “Catch less and Pay More” (Tuesday) relating to big fish running out in other parts of the world could equally apply to New Zealand as well.

Our fishing is suffering at the hands of both the Ministry of Fisheries and commercial quota holders.

The Ministry has overseen dramatic reductions in the amount of fish stock around our precious country.

Commercial fishing companies have equipment that wipes out whole schools.

Us citizens (who we might remind the bureaucrats actually own this country) have a right to catch fish to feed our families but are struggling to be heard, yet year after year it becomes more difficult to land a feed.

We are even limited in fish size to larger than that can be taken commercially.

This is a fundamental, environmental issue which if unchallenged will see the end of recreational fishing as we know and cherish it.



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