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Only some of these questions have been blessed with an answer yet.
There are a number of answers in the pipeline.

Aren't all the principles of option4 to be found within the "Soundings" document?
See "What is option4"


When I make a submission supporting option4.co.nz will it actually count or will it just be like a petition?

The material in Soundings covers the key points. Submissions will be summarised, and by 31 March 2001 the Ministry of Fisheries is required to report back to Cabinet. While I cannot anticipate what Cabinet will decide, if change is required following careful consideration of the submissions, there may be a further round of consultation on a specific proposal before looking at the need for any legislative change. Whatever happens will take some time, and there will be further opportunities for input and dissemination of information about the proposals at a later stage. You may be aware that I have agreed to extend the deadline for submissions to 20 December 2000. I hope that this will be long enough for you and other affiliated clubs and associations to determine their collective positions. The deadline cannot be further extended without putting the timetable for later work at some risk. I can assure you the government is committed to an open transparent process.

All those who make a submission will receive a copy of the summary of submissions. The Ministry of Fisheries intends to contract this work out to an independent party. Each submission will be considered on its own merits. While the number of people supporting a particular view is important, the Government will be particularly interested in well thought out ideas about the best way to move forward.
Yours sincerely Hon Pete Hodgson Minister of Fisheries


When I make a submission endorsing option4 what am I specifically supporting?
The short answer is the 4 principles as shown on the home page
For more detail ... click here


The characteristics of a fishery resource from a management perspective are that it is a) open access, and b) renewable. The fundamental problem to be addressed in the management of a resource with the characteristic of fisheries are a) How to control access b) how to set sustainable yield levels c) how to ensure sustainable yield is maintained?
See FAQ about Fisheries Management ...click here


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