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Hokianga Accord

5 November 2005

Hokianga Report

Appendix Four (Part 2)

Te reo Maori is a beautiful language. Some words have complex and multi faceted meanings. This Glossary endeavours to offer meaning in the context of the Hokianga Accord Kaupapa Whakahaere. It is expected that this Glossary will grow steadily over time, both in the number of words and their meanings. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Public awareness and understanding is much sought after.

Aroha Sympathy, love
Hapu A collective of immediate families
Iwi A collective of hapu
Kaitiaki Guardian
Kaitiakitanga Guardianship and/or “the sacred responsibility to protect that part of Papatuanuku that lies within your tribal area"
Kaupapa whakahaere Modus operandi or how we are going to operate
Kia maha atu nga ika i roto i te wai "more fish in the water"
Kotahitanga Solidarity, united, togetherness
Mana The spiritual power and authority that can be applied to people, their words and acts.
Manaakitanga Behaviour that acknowledges the mana of others as having equal or greater importance than ones own, through the expression of aroha, hospitality, generosity and mutual respect. Or, “ the pastoral care of all people within your tribal area ”
Rahui Temporary closure of no fixed timeframe
Rangatiratanga Autonomy, freedom, leadership
Rohe Geographical area
Rohe moana Geographical area along the foreshore and seabed
Runanga Leadership council
Takiwa Geographic region
Tangata One person also used as many people on occasion
Tangata whenua People of the land - in NZ means Maori
Te reo The Maori language
Te Tai Tokerau Pakeha geographic area from Rodney district to the Cape
"te tika, te pono me te tuwhera" being righteous, truthful and transparent
Te Tiriti O Waitangi The Maori (authentic) version of the Treaty of Waitangi
Tikanga Principles, way of doing things
Tikanga Maori Maori principles, way of doing things
Whakapapa Genealogical lines of descent, chronology of the unfolding of an event.
Whanau Extended family
Whanaungatanga Relationships

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