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Fish Farming May 2005

Onshore Fish Farming Article


2 May 2005


Chinese, Maori look at onshore fish farming

A new multi-million-dollar onshore fish farming industry, including processing plants, could be established in the Bay of Plenty using the latest Chinese technology and undeveloped Maori land.

A wide variety of fish - from oysters and scallops to crayfish and flounder - would be farmed in specially controlled conditions under cover at several sites in the district.

The fish would be sold locally and exported to Southeast Asia and other markets.

An official delegation, led by Yantai Municipal Oceanic and Fishery Affairs Bureau director Jiang Zing Chun, will visit Tauranga next month to further talks that began during the mayoral sister city delegation to China in April.

Export Bay of Plenty president Rob Jeffrey, a member of the mayoral delegation to China, said the aquaculture project was shaping up as one of the greatest opportunities to come to the region for a number of years.

The Chinese expressed strong interest in making an investment in the Bay of Plenty after receiving a presentation from Ngati Ranginui chairman Huikakahu Kawe and deputy chairman Alf McClausland.

"We look forward to forming a strong relationship with you," Mr Jiang told the delegation.

"We have a tradition in fish farming that goes back to 1934 and we can share technology and make the enterprise profitable and sustainable."

Last week the Ngati Ranginui Iwi Society board was briefed on the results of the visit and backed the aquaculture project.

"It exceeded our wildest expectations and the board had the same enthusiasm about it," said Mr Kawe.

"We can generate income and employment - not just now but for our next generations. Because of the depletion of stock, land based fish farming is going to be the way of the future. And we have the opportunity of setting up a leading edge venture."

Mr Kawe said fish farming sites could be established on any iwi land in the Western Bay of Plenty - not just Ngati Ranginui's.

Project teams have been established in Tauranga and Yantai.

Mr Jiang pledged to put down cash to match the Maori offer of making land available.


Don Staniford

Aquaculture campaigner

Friends of Clayoquot Sound


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