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AMA Firth of Thames Apr 2005

Firth of Thames Aquaculture Management Area Meeting

Auckland Regional Council

15 April 2005


Dear Sir or Madam

Invitation to meeting to view potential Aquaculture Management Area (AMA) for the Firth of Thames

Further to our public meetings in November of last year (2004) in Kawakawa Bay, Orere Point and Kaiaua, the Auckland Regional Council has identified you as having an interest in aquaculture activities in the Western Firth of Thames.  

The Auckland Regional Council have used the information provided (in previous meetings during April/May/November 2004) to help determine possible Aquaculture Management Areas (AMAs) and we wish to report on this.

The ARC staff would like to show these areas for community input and comment prior to making any final decisions. Additionally the ARC staff will outline the next steps in the AMA development process and possible changes to the Auckland Regional Plan: Coastal.  

We invite you and all of those interested to the following meetings:

When: Wednesday 4 May 2005  
Where: Kawakawa Bay Hall  
Start : 7.00pm-8.00pm Presentation  


When: Saturday 7 May 2005  
Where: Kaiaua Bowling Pavilion Lipscombe Rd  
Start : 10.00am –11.00am Open discussion  
  11.00am –12.00pm Presentation  



When: Saturday 7 May 2005  
Where: Orere Point Community Hall  
Start : 2.00pm –3.00pm Open discussion  
  3.00pm –4.00pm Presentation  


Yours faithfully

Alan Moore

Coastal Scientist                                                                                  

James Fuller

Policy Analyst                          




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