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Hapuku Bass Trevally

Hapuku Bass and Trevally Management

June 2010



Public Awareness
Ministry of Fisheries documents

2010 - Overview
In June 2010 the Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) issued a proposal paper containing several options for the future management of Stargazer 7 (STA7), Hapuku/Bass 3 (HPB3) and Trevally 2 (TRE2). Submissions in response were expected by 26 July 2010.

After indepth discussions option4, the Hokianga Accord and the New Sports Fishing Council agreed to work collectively and develop a joint submission with alternative management strategies.

A series of recommendations were developed for the future management of both Hapuku/Bass, commonly referred to as Groper in the south, and Trevally 2. TRE 2 encompasses the coastal area between East Cape and Wellington. Hapuku/Bass 3 (HPB 3) covers the east coast of the South Island.

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To achieve a good level of understanding of complex fisheries management scenarios we believe it is important to read the information in chronological order so you can follow the process.

Note: Most recent documents are at the top of each section.

Hapuku Bass Trevally

Submissions - 2010
Joint submission from the Hokianga Accord, New Zealand Sport Fishing and option4 advising that the process being used to set the catch limits for Hapuku/Bass 3 and Trevally 2 is illegal and the Minister needs to be wary when making decisions based on MFish advice.

26 Jul 10

(Pdf 100Kb)

The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council submit that overall catch limits should be "dynamic" to better balance utilisation benefits in periods of higher abundance. This concept of adjustments is all one-way traffic - it is all about utilisation, not rebuilding fisheries.

26 Jul 10

(Pdf 140Kb)

A submission for MFish from the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Zone 5 clubs based around the Area 2 region, between East Cape and Wellington. They are strongly opposed to any commercial catch increase.

26 Jul 10

(Pdf 30Kb)

The Kaikoura Boating Club are strongly opposed to any increase in commercial catch limits for Hapuku/Bass 3 (HPB 3), on the east coast of the South Island. Read their submission to MFish here..........

26 Jul 10

(Pdf 20Kb)

Public Awareness
A review of the Ministry of Fisheries Final Advice Paper to the Minister for Trevally 2. Industry advocate MFish ought to be proposing several options for non-commercial allowances in the proposal documents. Interesting view.

30 Sep 10

(Pdf 40Kbs)

A review of the Ministry of Fisheries Final Advice Paper to the Minister for Hapuku Bass 3. MFish omit to include concerns about the deemed value regime highlighted in the joint submission. Industry accuse MFish of being too cautious.

30 Sep 10

(Pdf 40Kbs)

In Update #35 the Hokianga Accord, the mid north iwi fisheries forum, discusses the reasons why all three Ministry management options for both Hapuku and Trevally were rejected in favour of a fourth option - to enable the fisheries to rebuild to healthy levels.

Aug 2010

MFish documents - 2010

Minister's Decision 2010
Phil Heatley, the Minister of Fisheries, has decided that he will not change the TACC in Hapuku Bass 3 or Trevally 2. The Minister has made allowances for other mortality and non-commercial interests in both fish stocks.

17 Sep 10

(Pdf 580Kbs)

MFish Final Advice Paper - Hapuku Bass 3
The Ministry of Fisheries 2010 Final Advice Paper setting the officials' rationale on which management option is best for Hapuku Bass 3. Despite the submission concerns MFish recommend retaining the TACC.

17 Sep 10

(Pdf 110Kbs)

MFish Final Advice Paper - Trevally 2
The Final Advice Paper from the Ministry of Fisheries to the Minister recommending the existing commercial catch limits be retained in Trevally 2. These FAPs were released with the Minister's final decision.

17 Sep 10

(Pdf 80Kbs)

MFish Initial Position Paper - 2010

The Initial Position Paper (IPP) from the Ministry of Fisheries outlining the various options to enable increased commercial harvesting of both Trevally in Area 2 (East Cape to Wellington), and Hapuku/Bass in Area 3 (east coast South Island).

21 Jun 10

(Pdf 930Kbs)

MFish IPP Letter - 2010

A letter from the Ministry of Fisheries advising of the consultation process to review the commercial catch limits in various fish stocks including Trevally 2 and Hapuku/Bass 3. Submission deadline is 26 July 2010.

21 Jun 10

(Pdf 490Kbs)

MFish Trevally Stock Report 2009
An overview of all Trevally stocks - TRE 1, 2, 3, 7 and 10. There is ongoing, excessive commercial fishing in Trevally 2. It is not known if recent catches are sustainable.

May 2009

(Pdf 250Kbs)

MFish Hapuku/Bass Stock Report 2009
An overview of all Hapuku and Bass stocks - HPB 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 10. There is ongoing excessive commercial catch in HPB3. There is not enough information to enable any estimates of current stock size to be made.

May 2009

(Pdf 220Kbs)


Submission deadline

The deadline for submissions closed on 26 July 2010.


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