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Grey Mullet 1

Grey Mullet 1 (GMU1)

East & West Coast North Island



The Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) advised stakeholders that they were reviewing catch limits for Grey Mullet (GMU1) in response to expressions of concern about the sustainability of current mullet catches and possible local depletion of various harbour stocks.

An Initial Position Paper (IPP) was issued to stakeholders on 30 June 2005. MFish invited stakeholders to provide comments on the consultation document.

Original deadline for comments was 29th July 2005. MFish then extended the deadline to 10th August.

Mullet and Flounder
The allocation model for the grey mullet fishery demonstrates the lunacy of previous allocation decisions. In the mullet fishery the commercial sector have been allocated so much quota that they have been unable to catch it in any single year since the introduction of the Quota Management System in 1986.

The flounder allocations for commercial fishers are equivalently high. Concerns about the sustainability of both fisheries have been raised in the Ministry's papers this year.

MFish has proposed to reduce the quotas on both species to the level that reflects current commercial catches in these fisheries. Commercial fishers will continue to take the same level of catch that has caused the sustainability problem in the first place.

This appears to contradict the Ministry's own advice that clearly says a reduction in actual catch is necessary. Obviously if commercial catches are not reduced these proposed cuts to quotas will have no effect on improving these fisheries.

Draft Submission
option4 was concerned about the limited time for consultation. A draft submission was posted online to allow people to give us their feedback. Alert #8 was sent out on August 2nd to alert people to the opportunity to have a say on the Ministry proposals. The feedback received was incorporated, where possible, into the final option4 submission. Full details below.

Your Opportunity to have Input
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Ministers Decision
The Minister has said "there is some information to indicate a decline in abundance" but has not reduced the commercial catches of mullet. Full text of Minister's decision available here...

22 Nov 05

(Pdf 80Kb)

No changes will be made to the annual Total Allowable Catches of grey mullet in the northern North Island region. Read why the Minister believes TAC cuts will not address localised depletion issues.

30 Sep 05

MFish Final Advice
MFish acknowledge the commercial catch has not reached the TACC set for grey mullet in any year since 1986, the first year of the QMS. Their advice to the Minister is available in a printable format here...

Sep 2005

(Pdf 350Kb)

Summary of MFish advice to the Minister, worth a quick read.

(Pdf 50Kb)

option4 expresses its concern about the sustainability of mullet if the Ministry's proposals are implemented. We are also concerned about the possible cut to the recreational allowance if MFish get their way.

10 Aug 05

Muriwai Sports Fishing Clubs submission to the Ministry of Fisheries on proposals for grey mullet 1, flounder 1 and snapper.

10 Aug 05

Letter from Muriwai SFC to MFish objecting to proportional allocation of fisheries depleted by commercial overfishing and mismanagement.

10 Aug 05

Ministry of Fisheries

MFish advise the deadline for submissions has been extended to the 10th August.  Full text of IPP available here...

25 Jul 02

(Pdf 20Kb)

Initial Position Paper (IPP) from the Ministry of Fisheries on proposals for Grey Mullet, east and west coast of the North Island.

1 Jul 05

(Pdf 330Kb)

Statutory Obligations section of the IPP - what the Minister has to take into account when considering changes to fisheries management.

1 Jul 05

(Pdf 200Kb)

Letter from MFish advising of the IPP for grey mullet, flatfish (flounder), snapper 8, elephant fish and rig.

1 Jul 05

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