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Management of Scallops in New Zealand


To achieve a good level of understanding of complex fisheries management scenarios we believe it is important to read the available data in good order.

The various documents have been broken up and reorganised by each scallop fishery. This facilitates downloading as, intact, these documents are often big and unwieldy.

For each fishery management proposal we have submitted to, we present the available information and our submission alongside others views.

  1. The Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) management proposal as presented in the Initial Position Papers (IPPs).
  2. The Minister of Fisheries' "Preliminary View" letter, if published.
  3. Submissions to the IPP from option4 and others, as available.
  4. The MFish Final Advice Paper (FAP) incorporating stakeholders submissions.
  5. The Minister's Final Decision for the species.
  6. Articles and Letters relating to this fishery, as available.


Scallop Areas

New Zealand is divided into thirteen areas for the management of scallops.

Location of boundaries of the scallop (SCA) Quota Management Areas.

This map has been sourced from www.nabis.govt.nz


At the moment we have documents online that relate to:

SCA1 - Northland, northeast coast down to Bream Tail
More Info...
SCA CS - Coromandel, Bream Tail to Bay of Plenty
More Info...

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