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Special Permits

Special Permits Proposal

Ministry of Fisheries

May - July 2008

The Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) is seeking comments on a proposal to add a new purpose to issue special permits under section 97(1)(c) of the Fisheries Act 1996.

Following consultation, approval will be sought from the Minister of Fisheries (the Minister). The MFish Initial Position Paper (IPP) was released on 26th May 2008.

Further information on the proposals is on the MFish website.

Contents: Submissions due - 7th July 2008
Submissions Send submissions to:
Public awareness Tracey Steel
Reference material Ministry of Fisheries, PO Box 1020, Wellington
MFish documents Email: tracey.steel@fish.govt.nz
  Ph:  (04) 819 4548
  Fax: (04) 819 4208

Proposed new purpose

MFish’s proposed new purpose is:

“To allow persons or organisations to take fish from stocks with a nominal total allowable catch in conjunction with a research programme that is likely to provide sufficient information to establish commercial catch limits in accordance with statutory requirements.”

Intention of new purpose

MFish consider the current purposes for issuing special permits do not provide an appropriate mechanism to permit commercial exploratory fishing, research and data collection programmes that will help establish a more informed catch limit in the future.

This new purpose would only be applied to stocks within the Quota Management System (QMS) and where information on stocks with very low total allowable catches is unavailable or inadequate. No future quota allocations will be based on special permit activities.


Following the submission process MFish will provide a Final Advice Paper (FAP), summarising submitters’ input, to the Minister for his consideration. If approved, quota owners or their organisations will be able to apply for a special permit immediately. MFish will consult with stakeholders, “where relevant” [MFish], on each specific application made under this purpose, as per s 97(2) of the Fisheries Act.


Please note: The most recent documents are at the top of each section.

Special Permits
Joint submission on the MFish proposal, from the New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council and option4 teams. Both support the new purpose, conditional on minimal impacts on the environment and non-commercial fishing interests.

7 Jul 08


Public Awareness
A summary of the issues raised in MFish's Special Permits Proposal Paper and an outline of the Permit application process. Also included is a brief summary of initial comments from non-commercial fishing interest groups and individuals.

5 Jun 08


Please provide your feedback to the option4 team

We look forward to your comments and appreciate the effort required to understand this not-so-easy to understand fisheries management proposal.

Reference material
Section 97 of the Fisheries Act 1996 describing the purposes for which the MFish Chief Executive can currently approve and issue a Special Permit.



MFish Documents
MFish letter advising of the consultation process to add another purpose to section 97 of the Fisheries Act 1996, to enable development of fisheries, within the quota management system, on a permitted basis.

26 May 08


MFish' Initial Position Paper detailing the proposed addition to add to the Fisheries Act 1996. The IPP outlines the issues and reasons why the amendment is being proposed.

26 May 08




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