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option4 Address the Auckland Conservation Board

by Trish Rea

14 May 2003


Process – Consultation on Marine Reserves & Parks

Department of Conservation should take some responsibility and call a public meeting to establish a coordinated strategy for the creation and implementation of marine protected areas. Strategy should be widely consulted, particularly important to involve and listen to iwi.

This will cut out the unnecessary and time consuming public objection I have witnessed over the past year to the creation of marine protected areas and allow the public to take ownership of these areas for future generations.


Tiritiri Matangi

  a. NZUA release Marine reserve proposal Dec 2002
  b. Submission deadline 28 February 2003
  c. TAG formed Jan 2003 to oppose proposal
  d. Jan 23 meeting held in HCBC for club/ group reps to form action committee
  e. NZUA attended & addressed the meeting
  f. Feb 5th Karli Thomas (NZUA) was asked to provide an email address for email submissions
  g. Feb 6th auto email sent through advising Karli had left for OE; Peter Crabb will be avail from 17th Feb 2003
  h. Email address secured by 21 Feb 2003
  i. 25th Feb notified by phone extension to submission period had been granted till 31st March ( 3 days before end of sub period)
  j. NZUA placed public notice in NZH 28th Feb – went unnoticed
  k. Some suggestion NZUA contacts advised well before 25th.
  l. NZUA sending out letters to online submitters dated 6th March “will be accepting only submissions on the enclosed questionnaire form”
  m. 31st March submissions provided to NZUA, Rodney District Council, Minister of Fisheries; Minister of Conservation; NZ Recreational Fishing Council; NZ Big Game Fishing Council; option4
  n 6600 submissions total sent in to NZUA from TAG


West Coast Plan

  a. Heard about plan around 18 months ago
  b. Contacted convenor of working group, Ken Catt – received leaflet (one of 15000 produced)
  c. 1.58 million visitors to Muriwai & Kariotahi beaches alone (ARC figures)
  d. Nothing else received for last 18 months
  e. Received draft proposal 2nd April 2003
  f. 3000 brochures (draft proposals printed)
  g. Received discussion document 11th April 2003
  h. 80 discussion documents printed & posted
  i. Submissions close 31st May 2003
  j. WCWG Reluctantly agreed to accept electronic submissions 4th May – Bethells public meeting
  k. Public meetings – Muriwai, Bethells, Waiuku, Waitakere City Council & Laingholm; Bethells and Laingholm meetings called by residents
  l. Franklin District Council not informed even though their area is included in the plan
  m. Draft proposal & discussion document are not same document
  n. Public meetings not discussing all matters in the discussion document & brochure – only a Marine Park
  o. Convenor calling public opposing his plan “Rent a Mob” after 1st public meeting at Muriwai
  p. Forest & Bird article in May edition of F & B magazine mentions 9 marine reserves, draft proposal has 5 marine reserves; West Coast Working Group still only discussing Marine Park publicly
  q. Overwhelming public opposition to plan; 3 out of 4 meetings opposition over 90% against the proposal
  r. There is a need for more consultation
  s. Request for time extension made 4th May, extension for 6 months

13th May no advice re time extension; advised one month extension granted to 30 June 2003.

What’s the hurry with non-statutory stage?
Need more consultation – not inclusive
Need to consult with groups representing the public who go fishing for food – NZ Recreational Fishing Council, NZ Big Game Fishing Council & option4
Involve user groups of area concerned
Wont hit a brick wall of opposition– flawed process
Public support = effective protection & policing


Trish Rea.
Tiritiri Action Group

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