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NIECRF on Barrier (Aotea)

Great Barrier (Aotea) Marine Reserve

North Island East Coast Recreational Fishing Forum

21 July 2006


The Rt Hon Jim Anderton

Minister of Fisheries

PO Box 18 888,

Freepost Parliament


Dear Mr Anderton,

The North Island East Coast Recreational Fishing Forum understands that you are currently working with your Ministry of Fisheries to come to a decision on wether or not to give your concurrence to the proposed Aotea / Great Barrier Island Marine Reserve, as required under Marine reserves Act.

The proposal has been discussed at length at the last 2 forum meetings and has been consulted on as widely as the resources of the forum participants permit.

An advice paper has been prepared and is attached for your assistance with your decision making process.

It would be appreciated if you could kindly acknowledge receipt back to the forum.

Yours faithfully


Richard Baker

NIECRF participant



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