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Mimiwhangata Submission

Mimiwhangata Marine Reserve Proposal

Submission by Howard Gumbley

October 2004


I am writing to oppose the Dept of Conservation's Mimiwhangata marine reserve proposal.

I am a property owner at Ngahau bay, which borders the current marine park. I believe the proposed reserve will severely impact our ability to fish in this region, limiting the area available, and increasing the fishing pressure on the area outside the proposed reserve.

On reviewing the information supplied by DOC I have a number of issues I wish to discuss.

I have heard from DOC that the current marine park has not met their objectives. This throws up more questions than answers. What were these objectives? Were these objectives realistic? Do they represent the objectives of the current users of the marine park?.

The research undertaken describes to some degree the current situation, but not the reasons why. What influence does land based fertiliser application have on fish populations?

Our concern (and if the feeling at the local meetings held by DOC are anything to go by) a majority of the local community is that the answer proposed by DOC to lock up a piece of the coast is not the answer. Why can't we better manage the marine park that is already in place. The alternatives have not been explored.

At the meeting it appeared that DOC were prepared to give the local Maori community concessions. This I oppose, I believe in one rule for all New Zealanders.

I understand that you will be analysing the submissions to your proposal. May we please have a copy of this analysis.

In addition, could you please acknowledge receipt of this submission.


Yours faithfully

Howard Gumbley


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