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MPA Meeting Agenda

MPA National Stakeholder Meeting

MFish Agenda

15 December 2004


Friday 17 December 2004,

10 am –1 pm

Level 9,

Department of Conservation Head Office

59 Boulcott Street



Meeting Purpose:

  • To clarify the intentions of the Policy and Implementation Plan to the stakeholders
  • To get guidance on improvements to the consultation document
  • To get guidance on whether the principles could be consistently applied to the implementation processes.

Suggested Agenda:

  1. Overview of MPA Policy Statement (Jennie McMurran)
  2. Discussion
  3. Overview of MPA Implementation Plan (Jim Nicolson and Spencer Clubb)
  4. Discussion
  5. Other items

Areas of interest include:

  • Principles – views on the principles themselves (generic, network and site and tool principles) and their practical application
  • Involvement of national stakeholder organisations in MPA planning at national and regional level
  • Approach to MPA planning for off-shore areas
  • The marine protection standard concept (site and tool principle 2)
  • The use of marine habitat classification information
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