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MPA Letter

Consultation on Marine Protected Areas Plan

Chris Carter - Minister of Conservation

11 November 2004


Dear Trish Rea


Marine Protected Areas Policy Statement and Implementation Plan

Attached for your comment is the draft Marine Protected Area (MPA) Policy Statement and Implementation Plan developed by the Department of Conservation (DoC) and the Ministry of Fisheries (MFish).

The Government is strongly committed to protecting representative samples of the full range of marine habitats and ecosystems as part of a wider strategy to effectively conserve New Zealand's biodiversity.   The attached material is a significant step in achieving this goal.   It provides information about the Government's MPA objectives and outlines how government agencies, tangata whenua and interested parties may contribute to achieving those objectives.  

The MPA Policy Statement sets out a series of high-level principles that will guide planning and prioritising the MPA network at the national level and the selection of possible MPA sites and management tools.   The MPA Implementation Plan sets out a process to develop a network of MPAs in a manner consistent with the objective and principles of the Policy Statement.   The MPA Annual Operating Plan sets out key tasks to be undertaken in a given year.

A range of management tools that could potentially contribute to the MPA network is discussed.   They include marine reserves, Fisheries Act tools, Resource Management Act measures and other tools.

Further copies of the consultation material may be obtained from DoC and MFish offices.   The material is also available on the Government's biodiversity website www.biodiversity.govt.nz .   If you have any questions or would like to discuss your views with officials, please contact Jim Nicolson (phone 04-471-3098) or Jennie McMurran (phone 04-470-2668).  

Submissions are due on Friday 21 January 2005.   Submissions may be emailed to MPA@fish.govt.nz or sent by mail to Lean Neoh, Ministry of Fisheries, P O Box 1020, Wellington. 

After submissions have been received and considered, the Policy Statement and Implementation Plan will be reviewed and any amendments made.   Ministers will then approve a final version of the material.   As indicated in the attached material, the Implementation Plan will be regularly reviewed and up-dated as progress is made and more information becomes available.  

We look forward to hearing your views, and to continuing progress in implementing a range of measures to protect New Zealand's special marine habitats and ecosystems.


Yours sincerely

Hon Chris Carter           

Minister of Conservation


Hon David Benson-Pope

Minister of Fisheries

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