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MPA Notice

Marine Protected Areas

Draft Classification and Protection Standard


21 June 2007


This notice  was originally distributed by email on 21st June 2007.

Kia ora team

DoC and MFish have now released their draft MPA protection standard and classification system document. These agencies are asking for submissions on this document.

Submission deadline is 31st August 2007.

The document is available on the DoC website here


At the end of May DoC were advised that a 60-day public consultation process was not adequate for non-commercial fishing interests and the public at large to consider, analyse, prepare preliminary view, discuss and take aboard input prior to preparing a draft submission.

And that it would be a shame if the public consultation process were to be initiated by DoC and MFish officials who know full well that eight weeks is inadequate.

If robust outcomes are the objective of the exercise, the process must ensure that the public are offered every opportunity to be familiar with and informed about what is at stake. Tangata whenua have strong kaitiakitanga obligations. The Crown has powerful statutory obligations to tangata whenua having a non-commercial interest in the effects of fishing on both species and areas. The public at large need to be well informed and engaged in the process to determine the future of their marine environment.

option4 recommended a four month public consultation process to ensure decent outcomes as a thorough analysis of all statutory obligations and empowering legislation would be required in the context of whatever policy options/proposals are presented. This is viewed as the starting point.

As you will note DoC and MFish have chosen to proceed with a ten week consultation period. Copied below is the commentary from the DoC webpage.

This will be a major topic of discussion at the next Hokianga Accord hui on August 16th and 17th. You are more than welcome to come to this hui and participate in the discussions. Let me know if you are keen. Venue is still to be confirmed, however it will be in Northland.

Trish Rea
option4 spokesperson
0274 175121

From the Department of Conservation website


What the Protection Standard and Classification System will do

The Protection Standard and Classification System will help guide the establishment of a network of MPAs by letting us know what we have and where, and what kind of management is needed for it to meet the Standard and remain a viable part of the network.

The Classification System has been developed to provide a nationally consistent approach to classifying and describing marine habitats and ecosystems.

The Protection Standard sets out the outcome we want to achieve for every MPA site in New Zealand – that is, we want to have the appropriate management tool(s) in place so that an MPA’s biological diversity is maintained or recovers to a healthy functioning state at the habitat and ecosystem level.

The Protection Standard will be used in conjunction with the Classification system to help determine whether existing management tools already operating around New Zealand offer sufficient protection for sites to become MPAs and will guide identification of the range of marine habitats and ecosystems the need to be included in our MPA network.


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