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Nugget Point

Nugget Point Marine Reserve Proposal

Department of Conservation

2003 - 2006


The Department of Conservation resurrected a marine reserve proposal for Nugget Point in 2004. The original proposal was rejected in the 1990s. The Otago Conservator has been quoted in the Southland Times as saying, "I feel it's time the Nuggets was put to the test".

There has been sustained opposition to this proposal by recreational and commercial fishermen. DoC have decided not to proceed with an application for the marine reserve.

The following information has been put together as a record of events and to help inform you of what is happening in this area.

If you have any information relating to this proposal please email us at


If you would like to contact the Department of Conservation details are as follows:

Otago Conservancy Office
PO Box 5244
77 Stuart Street
Ph:   03 477 0677
Fax: 03 477 8626

Email: nuggets@doc.govt.nz


News - 2006 News - 2004
News - 2005 News - 2003

Much of this information has been published in the Otago Daily Times (ODT). Pics also courtesy of the ODT.

News - 2006
The Department of Conservation spent more than $220,000 of taxpayers money on the failed marine reserve process reignited in 2004. Now in abeyance, the true cost is more than cash.

2 May 06

News - 2005
Boundary of marine reserve being amended by DoC. ODT article.

23 Jul 05

No marine reserve Mayor tells Ministers. ODT article.

14 Jul 05

Catlins mataitai supported in a media release from Forest and Bird.

29 Jun 05

South Otago Maori plan mataitai north of DoC area. SLT article.

24 Jun 05

Jim Peters warns that the approval of the Aotea (Great Barrier Island) marine reserve is evidence of how dominating DoC are in the process to establish reserves.

18 Jun 05

A letter to the editor of the ODT claiming that the guardian group needs credibility so it is not seen to be a front for fishing interests pretending to care for the coast.

6 Jun 05

DoC miss the deadline for the Nuggets and deny its because of the guardians. Article from the Southland Times.

27 May 05

Do the science but keep the people is the message in a letter to the editor of the ODT.

25 May 05

The debate surrounding the Nuggets plan is an issue of freedom. Letter to the ODT editor.

25 May 05

The Otago Rock Lobster Industry Association reaction to the $200,000 cost of Nugget Point. ODT

24 May 05

In contradiction to the purpose of marine reserves research will be halted at Nugget Point. ODT

23 May 05

DoC costs of $200,000 is criticised. ODT

23 May 05

The Guardians meet to provide an alternative to DoC's proposal. ODT

21 May 05

A letter supporting the marine reserve proposal at Nuggets. ODT

16 May 05

The marine reserve proposal gets backing from Conservation Board. ODT

16 May 05

Marine reserve application delayed because consultation is taking DoC longer than expected. ODT

13 May 05

The Clutha District Council take a stand in support of the local community and vote against DoC's plans for the Nuggets. ODT

13 May 05

Nugget Point proposal gets support from scientists. ODT

12 May 05

DoC rejects criticism of their tactics. ODT

11 May 05

Council chief says fishermen left behind. SLT.

21 Apr 05

Marine reserve long overdue - letter to Editor of ODT

13 Apr 05

Definition of new proposal is challenged. ODT

13 Apr 05

Local initiative to manage Kaka Point gets support. Southland Times

13 Apr 05

Bulldozing blame at Nugget Point. ODT

3 Apr 05

The Nuggets proposal is not big enough. Media release by Forest and Bird.

31 Mar 05

DoC proposes new boundaries for marine reserve at Nugget Point. Article

31 Mar 05

Support for reserve because of passion for paua. ODT

26 Mar 05

Forest and Bird not happy with the proposal from DoC. ODT

26 Mar 05

DoC set on marine reserve. SLT article.

21 Mar 05

Marine reserve is in the wrong place for the wrong reasons. ODT

10 Mar 05

Otago's first marine reserve planned. Newsroom story.

6 Mar 05

"Experts" say to make Nugget Point a big marine reserve. SLT article.

5 Mar 05

Troubled Waters at Nugget Point. ODT

1 Feb 05

Concern about the wildlife at Nugget Point . ODT

19 Jan 05

Otago Conservation Board chairman supports DoC message in a letter to the editor of the Southland Times.

Jan 2005

Locals demand say on planned marine reserve. SLT article.

12 Jan 05

Squaring off over the Nugget Point marine reserve proposal. ODT

8 Jan 05

Public meeting to debate proposal. Southland Times article.

7 Jan 05

Marine reserve leaflet battle on. Southland Times article.

7 Jan 05

Picture of Area
Nugget Point - Picture courtesy of the Southland Times.

Oct 2004

News - 2004
DoC were "really disappointed" about the petition opposing their marine reserve proposal was being circulated so early in the consultation process.

5 Nov 04

Chris Carter has his say on the Nugget Point proposal. ODT

2 Nov 04

Mixed feedback to Nugget Point marine reserve proposal. ODT

29 Oct 04

Nugget Point marine reserve proposal has been revived by the Department of Conservation - article from Otago Daily Times.

27 Oct 04

Bill English urges caution in the debate surrounding Nugget Point - article from the Southland Times.

13 Oct 04

Petition form issued to gather signatures in opposition to the proposed marine reserve by the Department of Conservation.
Coverage of the meeting convened by the Nugget Point Recreational Fishing Club Chairman, Nelson Cross in an article in the Southland Times.

11 Oct 04

DoC's brochure explaining the marine reserve proposal from the Departments perspective. Two page document.

Second page of DoC's brochure outlining the Department's plans for Kaka Point, issued in October 2004.
The locals organise a meeting with DoC to discuss the 17-year-old marine reserve proposal that the Department are keen to "put to the test".

9 Oct 04

DoC meet with the Clutha District Council to discuss their plans, article from the Southland Times.

31 Jul 04

News - 2003
This SeaFIC case study puts the costs of the Nugget Point marine reserve proposal at over $8M on the paua industry alone.

23 Jan 03


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