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Manukau Sports Fishing Club letter to Working Group Dec 2002

Manukau Sports Fishing Club Inc
PO Box 60379

Attention: Ken Catt
Auckland’s Wild West Coast Working Group
PO Box 4514 Te Atatu Peninsula
Waitaker City
Email: kiwicatt@xtra.co.nz

12 December 2002

Dear Ken,

The Committee of the Manukau Sportfishing Club has carefully studied the Working Group’s Discussion Document and three of its members attended the Groups presentation at the Manukau Cruising Club on 18 November 2002.

We would like to make the following observations and comments.

We support the general concept of a Marine Park as presented in broad terms. It would appear that the impact on recreational fishing, and line fishing in particular, would be small. We are less supportive, and when details are made more clear could possibly oppose, of the concept of the ‘protected areas’ to be embedded in the favoured Model 1. Although the exact location of these areas has not been specified, some of the areas mooted cover prime and popular recreational fishing locations.

Although Forest and Bird are only one of the thirteen members of the Working Group it is of some concern that a paid employee of that organisation was the presenter at the 18 November presentation. Our concern is that an organisaton who, as a publicly declared aim, desires to see 20% of the coastline locked up as Marine Reserves has a disproportionate representation on the Working Group.

Also of concern is the lack of detail in the Discussion Document on beach access, both by foot and by 4WD vehicle. It was of further concern that the Working Group was not prepared to discuss this subject in any detail at the 18 November presentation.

The Manukau Sportfishing Club look forward to being actively involved in ensuring the future of Auckland’s West Coast is responsibly preserved as an asset to be enjoyed by all.

Yours sincerely

David Theobald
for Manukau Sportfishing Club

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