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option4 affiliation to CORANZ

Letter from option4

29 October 2004


Hugh Barr



PO Box 1876


Dear Hugh

Please find attached a cheque for $250.00 from option4. We appreciate the invitation to affiliate to CORANZ.

Thank you for all the work CORANZ is doing on behalf of those who enjoy the outdoors. We are keen to work together to enhance the ability of New Zealanders to access and enjoy the marine environment.

option4 is anchored by four principles that have been maintained since our inception four years ago.

Those principles are:

  1. A priority right over commercial fishers for free access to a reasonable daily bag limit to be written into legislation.
  2. The ability to exclude commercial methods that deplete recreationally important areas.
  3. The ability to devise plans to ensure future generations enjoy the same or better quality of rights while preventing fish conserved for recreational use being given to the commercial sector.
  4. No licensing of recreational fishers.

Beyond that we see ourselves as offering functionality. Those functionalities include:

  • Establishing a database of people who want to be informed – we expect the database to double over the next year.
  • Monthly Updates – both online and in various magazines.
  • Providing easy to use, information rich opportunities for people to make submission as they see fit through Alerts – 6 to date – several more in the pipeline.
  • Bearing witness to fisheries management processes and reporting thereon.
  • Maintaining a record of Ministry consultation processes, submissions made to same, Final Advice and Decisions – all online permanently. Those who come along in the future will have an incredible opportunity to trace how they came to be in the position they are. Like rust, the Ministry of Fisheries and Department of Conservation never sleep – they don't take no for an answer, they just put it away for a few years and have another go on another day.

option4 would welcome CORANZ news to include in our monthly online Updates. An archive of Updates is available online https://www.option4.co.nz/Updates_and_Alerts/updates.htm

Our representative Jason Foord will be in contact with you and the CORANZ team to coordinate our effort to work together.


Yours sincerely

Trish Rea

option4 spokesperson



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