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option4 Update #31 NZFN Oct 2003

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  Marine Reserves - Twisting the Truth

NZ Fishing News
October 2003

Dear [ subscriber ]

NZUA spokesperson Peter Crabb is reported as describing the submitters who oppose the marine reserve as a "small, vocal" community in Whangaparaoa (Herald 15/8/03). It is not acceptable to have an organisation like NZUA promote a proposal and limit their process to "local community" and then condemn those who oppose their proposal as "local vocals". It is this sort of behaviour that will destroy the credibility of the whole marine reserve argument. In the same article NZUA are reported as saying "support for the proposal is around 85 per cent when measured in the way DoC does it". What is the DoC way of measuring the results of public consultation? We will find out and let you know. As we write this we have not received any analysis of any of this years marine reserve public consultation outcomes.

Volkner Rocks
The Volkner Rocks marine reserve proposal is exactly that - a proposal, nothing more or less. DoC have yet to release their analysis of submissions. It comes as a surprise to read that the Minister of Conservation regards the proposal as a "formal application at an advanced state" (his written reply to a written question put to him in Parliament 12/8/03). What is going on? Either he is running ahead of himself (inappropriately) or his officials are misleading him and us.

Great Barrier
On 18/6/03 when addressing the Hauraki Gulf Forum, the Auckland Conservator Rob McCallum, stated that "of the 200 submissions opened at that time, 60% supported the proposal."
60% support for WHAT? The only question in the questionnaire that could offer an answer to an analysis of this type asks, "Do you support the principle of a marine reserve somewhere on the north east coast of Great Barrier Island?". What sort of a question is that? How can we have confidence in the process if the leader of the organisation proposing, analysing and applying for this marine reserve feels OK about making these sort of statements?

At that same meeting he stated that "98% of the Hauraki Gulf has no form of marine protection" - untrue and unjustifiable. The entire Gulf has quite high levels of protection with the much vaunted QMS in place. There are innumerable other examples of specific protection in place such as trawl exclusion zones, cable zones, commercial scallop dredging exclusion zones, military no go areas etc - all told these make up a significant proportion of the waters of the Gulf.

Analysis of the estimated 1800 submissions to the DoC marine reserve proposal at Great Barrier has started. Results should be available for review by the end of September. We will keep you posted on the outcome and future plans for this area.

Auckland Conservation Board
We have invited the Board to discuss the need for an integrated approach to protection of the marine environment. We believe it is fundamental that groups of this nature who wholeheartedly support marine reserves cast their focus wider and achieve an appreciation of all of the threats and all of the mechanisms available to achieve marine protection. Please read the content of the invitation here » »

Auckland's West Coast
Submissions for the proposal from the West Coast Working Group close 30th September. Make sure you have your say online at www.option4.co.nz/ wcpsubform.php . Sand and Sea, the group opposing the plan, held a fishing contest on Muriwai Beach Sunday 24th August. The event was well supported by sponsors and contestants. Sand and Sea are planning another event at Port Waikato soon. Check out www.sandandsea.co.nz for details.

Reserve Summary
option4 have endeavoured to bring these proposals and their processes to the attention of the public. We have consistently endeavoured to present the original proposal documents in their entirety, support them with as much relevant background information as available and then offer the public an opportunity to make (online) submission with all of this relevant information available. All of the marine reserve proposals that option4 have responded to may be viewed here » »

The Minister is about to announce his decision on the allocation of the Total Allowable Catch for kingfish for the first time as the species enters the QMS. This decision is effective 1/10/03. option4 have assembled the relevant background information on site to record, in perpetuity, the process and rationale behind the Ministers decision. You can read some or all of these documents, including a number of submissions on the final decision making process here. Next month we will analyse the Ministers final decision.

option4 would like to thank Rex and the team at Quadprint for supplying printing services. Without support from concerned companies and individuals option4 would not be able to continue the advocacy we have engaged in over the past three years. Keep it up, your support is appreciated by the public of New Zealand.

Regards from the team at option4

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