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NZ Spearo Update #2

Tax Breaks for Generous Kiwis

by the option4 team

February 2009


This article was originally written for the NZ Spearo magazine March 2009 edition.

Initiatives to achieve “more fish in the water” are underway all around the country but many of these are being hampered by a shortage of funds.


option4 and other organisations have been privileged to receive support from the Guardians of the Sea Charitable Trust Nga Kaitiaki mo Tangaroa to maintain our advocacy on behalf of all New Zealanders.

If you treasure your diving, fishing for food or recreation then a contribution to the Guardians will ensure a legacy your children will enjoy with their families.

Without the Trust’s input the option4 team, the mid north iwi fisheries forum known as the Hokianga Accord, and the New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council would not have achieved their goals over the past eighteen months.

Healthy seas and fisheries

The Trust’s objectives are closely aligned with all of these organisations. In part, that is to advocate for a healthy marine environment and abundant fisheries so that people can provide for the social, economic and cultural wellbeing through fishing.

Recently the Trust made a second contribution to the ongoing trials aboard the Nancy Glen II, a fishing trawler based in Napier.

While supporting a commercial interest may seem ironic, the low-impact nets being tested were too good for the Trust to ignore.

Achievements such as reducing the mass mortality of under-sized fish, a reduction in fuel consumption by over 25 percent and 95 percent less contact with the seabed are just several of the benefits of using a new type of trawl net and tackle.

Refinements are still being made to this lightweight gear to ensure maximum returns while minimising environmental damage.
Excited trustees  

Martin Irvine is one of five Trustees impressed by skipper Richard Burch and his crew’s commitment to the goal of “more fish in the water”.

“We are so excited by this work. Notwithstanding the other activities that we will fund, this is real innovation using fresh ideas that can make a substantial difference and contribute to sustainability.

“The decision to back Richard was made easy for us by its simplicity and obvious effectiveness. This is exactly the type of initiative that can bring positive benefits to all stakeholders, the environment and the community as a whole.”


Public education

Increasing public awareness and understanding of kaitiakitanga/guardianship of our natural resources is another goal for the Trust.

Having both Maori and non-Maori working together to achieve excellence in fisheries management, marine protection and educational initiatives provides positive benefits for the environment as well as social and cultural benefits for all New Zealanders.

Practical support from the Trust has enabled both option4 and the Hokianga Accord to publicise its activities through a variety of media, produce comprehensive reports of twelve overnight hui held with mid north iwi and provide quality submissions in response to management proposals for fisheries and environmental issues.


A bright future

Older New Zealanders will know that our fisheries have been decimated and the environment has become degraded because of excessive fishing, inappropriate harvesting methods, poor land management practices, and sedimentation of inshore waterways.

Trust chairman, Tom Fox, says the Trust is committed to achieving sustainability, enough fish for all, and local communities working together to achieve their environmental goals.

“The Trustees are inspired by the Hokianga Accord. This forum has demonstrated the benefits of working collectively to improve our fisheries for all New Zealanders. This marks a turning point in this country’s future.”

“Our children and grandchildren’s fishing future looks bright if we capitalise on the potential of this Trust to achieve the vision, mission and goal of ‘more fish in the water/kia maha atu nga ika ki roto i te wai’.”

option4 encourage you to take advantage of the tax deductibility benefits of giving money to the Guardians of the Sea Charitable Trust. By doing so you will be helping to protect our cherished Kiwi lifestyle and unique marine environment.

Visit: www.guardians.org.nz
If you value the work option4 is doing please use the secure online facility available here and invest in your fishing future.


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