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option4 Update #113

Fanatical Fishos Top the Scales

by the option4 team
March 2009


This article was originally written for the NZ Fishing News magazine April 2009 edition.


Fishermen and tradesmen are not prone to hero-worshipping but there are times when we have to acknowledge the outstanding commitment of a few individuals and organisations.

Grant Chester, Alan Radcliffe and the staff at Chesters Plumbing & Bathroom Centre in New Lynn deserve special mention.

For nineteen years these people have organised and successfully managed ‘The Chesters Fanatical Fishos Fishing Competition’ for their customers.

Following the weigh-in an auction is held and proceeds from the sale are given to the Manukau Volunteer Coastguard.

This year the volunteers received $3,000 towards their effort to keep us safe when we are out at sea.

option4 is grateful for a similar donation from Chesters Plumbing of $3,000 and their ongoing support over the past nine years.

Chesters Plumbing and their staff recognise the need to maintain a watching brief and make substantial contributions to fisheries management and marine protection issues because any changes to these regimes will have a major impact on the leisure and food-gathering activities of their customers.

Having ten branches spanning Auckland to Queenstown means they are in daily contact with a variety of folk who all enjoy our unique Kiwi outdoor and fishing lifestyle.

Alan Radcliffe, manager of the New Lynn branch, is a keen hunter and fisherman and has passed that love of the outdoors onto his children

“What can be better than spending a day fishing with your kids? It’s an opportunity to talk, share stories and - most of all - teach the young ones how to respect our environment, other people and to cherish the ability to go fishing to put food on the table. It was a real pleasure to see a junior win the kingfish section.

“These people love fishing so much that they plan their trips well in advance. Despite the adverse weather, winning fish were caught everywhere from Doubtless Bay to the Ranfurly Banks.”

High on the list of Chester’s priorities is ensuring people look after their caught fish so plenty of effort has gone into educating contestants on how to slurry or chill their fish, keep them iced and present them in top condition.

Weigh master and option4 Project Leader Paul Barnes was impressed with the overall presentation of the fish put over the scales.

“The improvement in fish condition is a reflection of the effort that Chesters puts into educating these fishermen. It is difficult to keep larger fish in good nick yet the standard gets better every year.

“These ‘Fanatical Fishos’ have been strong supporters of option4 and our team is pleased to be associated with such a successful fishing event. I am already looking forward to next year’s contest.”



Best presented crayfish: Bruce Buckland
Snapper: 9.36Kg Adam Gallaghan
Snapper: 8.47Kg Brooke Summerville (lady)
Kingfish: 14.67Kg Nathan Minifie (junior)
Hapuku: 15.70Kg Paul Harrison
John Dory: 2.82Kg Barry Goodhue
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