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Fisheries Standards

Fisheries Standards

2006 - 2007


The Ministry of Fisheries has released three draft standard documents and has asked for comment on the Harvest Strategy Standard, Consulation Standard and the Quota Management System Introduction Standard. These fisheries standard drafts are the first of 20 standards MFish will be consulting on. Their aim is to have the standards in place by 1st October 2007.

The Minister of Fisheries will then be asked for his approval of the standards. MFish envisage these standards will be applied through the implementation of fisheries plans.

Following is a list of documents provided by MFish and submissions in response to these proposals. These files are provided to assist the public in understanding the complex fisheries management processes.

option4 did not submit feedback in response to these drafts as the team were heavily involved in the MFish Shared Fisheries process and the Kahawai Legal Challenge. However, the team has endorsed the New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council's submissions. Neither NZBGFC nor option4 had time to address the Consultation Standard draft document. This is unfortunate as MFish consultation processes have been a major issue for some years.


Fisheries Standards

option4's endorsement of the New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council's Harvest Strategy and Consultation Standard submissions. option4 did assist in the development of these submissions, on behalf of non-commercial fishing interests.

29 Apr 07

(Pdf 20Kb)

The New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council's submission and recommendations on the Harvest Strategy Standard are well worth reading. Identifying fishing practices that are leading to excessive mortality or waste is the first step.

26 Apr 07

(Pdf 80Kb)

The New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council advocates that the QMS Introduction Standard needs to include a mechanism that clarifies non-commercial species are not eligible for management within the QMS.

26 Apr 07

(Pdf 50Kb)

MFish Standard Information


MFish' overview of the Standards process including details of the 17 other Standards current under development.

7 Nov 06

(Pdf 100Kb)

Harvest Strategy Standard

This MFish paper describes proposals for target levels to be set to assist in the fisheries managment process. The goal is to have greater consistency and transparency in management.

7 Nov 06

(Pdf 690Kb)

QMS Introduction Standard

This draft standard relates to species not already in the QMS and the process that should be applied when considering introducing these non-QMS into the quota regime.

7 Nov 06

(Pdf 160Kb)

Consultation Standard

MFish' proposals cover who should be consulted on during management processes, development of consultation plans, timeframes and monitoring of consultation with various interest groups.

7 Nov 06

(Pdf 140Kb)

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