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Sabotage of Vision June 2004

Sabotage of NZ marine reserve vision doomed to failure: Carter

By Phil McCarthy

The Southland Times

5 June 2004


Selfish attempts from groups intent on sabotaging the Government's marine reserve vision in New Zealand would fail, Conservation Minister Chris Carter said yesterday.

The process for establishing marine reserves needed to be streamlined to avoid a repeat of the more than 10-year-long saga involved in the creation of Paterson Inlet reserve, he said.

"The whole process has been a bit ad hoc. It's been a lose-lose (situation) all around."

On Stewart Island yesterday to announce the inlet's Ulva Island Marine Reserve, Mr Carter launched a stinging attack on opponents of marine protection reserves.

The Southland Recreational Fishers' Association opposed the reserve to the bitter end, claiming a mataitai reserve should cover the entire inlet, instead of the 90 percent it will now cover.

"I'm mystified why recreational fishers are not our greatest allies," Mr Carter said.

New Zealand's efforts in marine conservation had lagged well behind efforts to protect permanently land-based species in national parks, he said.

"If we added together all the marine reserves we have around mainland New Zealand, they cover an area smaller than the smallest of our 14 national parks, even though our marine area is 15 times larger than our land area."

New Zealand had much work to do in marine conservation and the Ulva Island initiative was an important step forward, he said.

" I congratulate the local Stewart Island community for their role in achieving it."

Speaking generally, Mr Carter said silly objections from selfish groups were slowing the drive towards the Government's aim of vesting 10 percent of New Zealand coastline as marine reserves.

Similar objections to national parks had been raised in the past, but no-one would argue their value now, he said.

"I'm impatient about marine protection. I feel worried about the future of our marine protection."


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