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Paterson Inlet Marine Reserve
Stewart Island


The government 'who listens to the people' have approved a marine reserve in Paterson Inlet despite overwhelming opposition to the proposal and growing discontent at the process employed in locking up our marine environment to New Zealanders who fish for food, forever.

On June 4, 2004 Chris Carter announced the creation of the Ulva Island Marine Reserve. As Minister of Conservation, Carter has ignored the calls for good process and the objections from those who use the area.

Consultation for this proposal was conducted over nine years ago. Much has changed since then.

Concurrence was sought from the Ministers of Transport and Fisheries. The Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) held meetings late in 2003 to discuss whether consent should be given. The majority of submissions to the concurrence decision were opposed to agreement being given. It was given anyway.

Ignoring the growing call for an integrated and coordinated approach to marine protection these Ministers have ploughed on with their strategy.

What happens to the fisheries management plan that has applied in this area since 1994?

If a mataitai is good enough for 90% of the Inlet, why doesn't it apply to 100%?

Many unanswered questions remain regarding this marine reserve process. Carter is right about one aspect, "the whole process has been a bit ad hoc. It's been a lose-lose (situation) all around." (STL 5 June 2004)

If you would like to email Chris Carter or David Benson-Pope, the Minister of Fisheries please do so.

Chris Carter – ccarter@ministers.govt.nz

David Benson-Pope - jolene.key@parliament.govt.nz

If you have any information relating to this proposal suitable for inclusion in this section please email us at contact@option4.co.nz


Paterson Inlet
Latest Update

Update # 43 - Protecting our precious marine environment

If ever there was a time to ride the wave of public awareness for the need to protect our precious marine environment now is the hour. Gone is the alibi of ignorance and obliviousness....

Jun 2004


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Submissions to Concurrence Decision
We are committed to adequate consultation, good process and outcomes. Until the whole marine reserve process is reviewed...it is questionable how successful marine reserves will be in any area.

Nov 2003

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CRA8 Management Committee
A marine reserve is not required to encourage scientific study within Paterson Inlet....Therefore the establishment of a reserve for this purpose (which is the purpose of the Marine Reserves Act), with the resultant interference to current users but no additional benefits, must be contrary to the public interest.

Oct 2003


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Announcement - Articles

Thumbs Up - Chris Carter perpetuates the myth about marine reserves

"It's a small step forward, and unless we take these steps we risk losing marine species.."

5 Jun 04

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Sabotage of NZ marine reserve vision doomed to failure: Carter

"I'm mystified why recreational fishers are not our greatest allies.."

5 Jun 04

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Announcement - Letters
Minister announces his approval for the Te Whaka a Te Wera Mataitai reserve in Paterson Inlet.

30 Dec 04

Head of Wilderness by Brian Dean

14 Jun 04

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Surely, a commonsense approach, with an eye to sustainability for future generations, and keeping in mind the fact that fishing has long been one of New Zealand's most popular sports, is a far better option than the sledgehammer tactics of this arrogant Government... by Alan Key

11 Jun 04

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The opportunity to disagree is a cornerstone of democracy by Malcolm Lawson

11 Jun 04

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Open letter to Chris Carter by Outdoor Recreation NZ Marine Committee

10 Jun 04

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Background Information
Ministry of Fisheries advertisement in The Southland Times to ask for submissions on the Te Whaka a Te Wera Mataitai Reserve proposal

31 Jan 04

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Ministry of Fisheries advertisement in The Southland Times to advise of a public meeting to discuss the proposed mataitai

6 Dec 03

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Pete Hodgson, Minister of Fisheries, responds to option4's request with a two week extension to the submission period.

5 Nov 03

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option4 write to the Minister of Fisheries requesting an extension to the submission period for input into the concurrence decision for the proposed reserve.

23 Oct 03

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Ministry of Fisheries presentation to the public meetings asking for submissions on the Paterson Inlet marine reserve application.
Sep 2003
This is available in Microsoft PowerPoint format (214K)
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The same PowerPoint presentation in web (html) format
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Department of Conservation brochure for the Paterson Inlet marine reserve proposal (application).

Sep 2003

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Meeting report - Invercargill Working Men's Club, held to discuss the process the Minister wants before giving his agreement to the application
24 Sep 03

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Meeting report - Invercargill Working Men's Club meeting discusses the marine reserve application for Paterson Inlet.

2 Sep 03

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The Minister of Conservation's media statement announcing her approval of the Paterson Inlet marine reserve.

July 2002

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The original application for a marine reserve at Paterson Inlet. (349K)

Dec 1994

PDF (349K)


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