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Meeting Report Paterson Inlet Sept 2003

Meeting Report

Paterson Inlet Marine Reserve Application

2 September 2003


Venue: Invercargill Working Men’s Club
Date: 02/09/03
Time: 7.30pm
Attendance: Nine people - media (1), local fishermen/divers (2), option4/SSFC (2), Southland Recreational Fishers Association (4).


Brian Dean and Alan Key (SRFA) spoke on DoC proposal to create the area around Ulva Island, excluding the privately owned beach front/zone of the Smith and Hunter families, into a marine reserve by Christmas 2003.

DoC flew iwi, not resident Maori, to Wellington to discuss the reserve proposal. Would not invite/fly non-commercial fishing reps, told them they would have to make their own way to Wellington.

Fisheries Minister requires conformation of grounds why he should not sign off the DoC proposal.

  1. Sea pens found in the area. Not endangered and are found throughout southern waters.
  2. Area is currently part of a fisheries management area/zone. No dredging permitted. Boundered by national park – siltation from development negated.
  3. Minister told Chairman Southland Rec Fishers (A.Key) that he prefers local control/management of fisheries. Brian Dean said he prefers to have a mataitai. This would allow them to make changes to fishing regulations more quickly.

A. Key said he wants the status quo – no change to the fisheries management area/zone.

Number of submissions to DoC regarding the marine reserve: 184 against and 82 in favour.

Fisheries will hold meetings to discuss reserve proposal in September/November. One meeting on Stewart Island one in Invercargill.

Recommendation from floor that a letter be sent to Fisheries Minister informing him that the status quo should remain in Paterson Inlet.

Chairman Southern Rec Fishers said they would wait until after the MoF meetings.

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