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Volkners Marine Reserve

Volkner Rocks Marine Reserve

by option4

11 September 2003


Department of Conservation

PO Box 1146


Volkner Rocks (Te Pae Pae Aotea) marine reserve application

Dear Matt

Would you please advise the status of the application for a marine reserve at Volkner Rocks. It has been several months since the end of the submission period and we have had no indication of progress of the application. option4 would appreciate any information you can provide regarding this application.

A summary of further public consultation would be appreciated. option4 have a strong interest in marine protection and protecting the rights of the public to fish for food. option4 work alongside NZ Recreational Fishing Council (NZRFC) and the NZ Big Game Fishing Council (NZBGFC) in protecting those rights. As the representatives of the fishing public we would appreciate being kept informed on the progress of this application and are available to discuss any marine protection measures for the Bay of Plenty area.

Thank you for your time

Trish Rea


PO Box 37951





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