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Volkner Rocks Reserve

Te Paepae Aotea (Volkner Rocks)

Marine Reserve Proposal

2002 - 2005


Reserve Application - 2005

Fishing legend Pete Saul urges the Minister of Fisheries to only provide approval for a reserve 0.5 nautical miles around the Volkner Rocks, not 1 nautical mile.

Feb 2005

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2003 (Documents in different format)

option4 write to DoC asking about the status of the Volkner marine reserve application.

11 Sep 03

The form offered to the people who sent their submissions to DoC in January 2003. An opportunity to elaborate further on their submission after receiving more information about the application.

12 Feb 03

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Submission by the New Zealand Recreational Fishing Council in response to the Department's application for a marine reserve at Te Paepae Aotea (Volkner Rocks).

14 Jan 03

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NZ Big Game Fishing Council have plenty to say in their submission to the Department of Conservation and are particularly concerned about lost kingfish research opportunities.

14 Jan 03

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option4 Alert #1

Message sent to subscribers alerting them to the impending submission closure period on the Department of Conservation's application for a marine reserve.

11 Jan 03

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Online submission form provided so people could have their say on the application from DoC.

11 Jan 03

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Consensus letter requesting time extension for submissions and the reply from DoC declining the extension requested.

10 Jan 03

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Why this proposal is inconsistent with the science objective of Marine Reserves Act. John Holdsworth explains why the research aspects of recreational fishing for kingfish will be affected by this proposal.

Jan 2003

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NZRFC Press release

Ross Gildon makes a series of very good points having analysed the minutes of the steering committee (obtained under the Official Information Act). This document seriously questions the process adopted to date….

8 Jan 03

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2002 (Documents in different format)

The Final Act

Rick Pollock outlines the process followed by DoC and the steering committee and highlights a number of obvious flaws…

Dec 2002

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Marine Reserve Application

The Department of Conservation's marine reserve application as available on the DoC website.

Nov 2002

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In Pursuit - Special Edition

Rick Pollock outlines the history of the Volkners area, measures adopted by charter operators to manage sustainably, history of the Marine Reserve proposal and anomalies in process.....

Jun 2002

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