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Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of NZ


2004 - 2007

The Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of NZ (CORANZ) is an apolotical coalition of outdoor recreational national bodies working together to identify and protect the common basic values of outdoor recreation for all New Zealanders.

In 2004 option4 affiliated with CORANZ so we could formally work together to achieve better outcomes for issues of common interest. A successful partnership culminated in a joint submission sent to the Ministry of Fisheries in May 2005 regarding the introduction of some shellfish species into the Quota Management System on 1 October 2005.


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Two key areas issues are being debated and the National Party want your views on tradeable water rights and minimum river flows. Have your say now..

July 07


CORANZ use the website to keep people informed, are apolitical and very experienced in lobbying politicians of all persuasions.



CORANZ and option4 joint submission objecting to the proposed introduction of cockles, non-QMS dredge oysters,scallops, pipi and tuatua into the QMS.

Complete text available in a PDF here (160Kb)...........................» » »

24 May 05

option4 affiliates to CORANZ in the interests of all to access and enjoy the outdoors and marine environment. Letter from option4 to CORANZ.

20 Oct 04


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