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Over arching fishing body

Creating an Over Arching Body for Marine Recreational Fishing

by non-commercial interests




Summary of proposal
Representation process - timeline

2010 - Overview
In mid-2009 Nelson Cross and Alan Key, members of the South Island South East Advisory Committee, developed a Discussion Paper: Is it time to create a marine recreational fishers’ mandate. They sought feedback on their 12-page document and advised it would be discussed at the NZ Recreational Fishing Council AGM and conference in late July. The proposal was amended following the NZRFC conference and a further meeting in Christchurch in October 2009.

Laurel Tierney joined Nelson and Alan to present the amended proposal to selected national, representative organisations at a meeting held at the Buckland's Beach Yacht Club in March 2010.

Once it became clear that both Ngapuhi and Ngati Whatua iwi were not welcome to attend, and that there was no intention to distribute the proposal to all participants prior to the meeting, the organisers were advised that the NZ Sport Fishing Council, the Hokianga Accord and option4 would not attend. However, they would send an observer to listen and report on the proceedings.

Summary of proposal for representation

Top priority of the proposal is to establish a united body to speak on behalf of all recreational fishing interests by developing a database of recreational fishers and fishing. The database would be useful for management and advocacy purposes.

Key to this initiative’s success is the issuance of a photo ID smart-card that would contain each fisher’s details and catch records. Access to the database could be on-sold to retailers for a monthly fee and limited access provided to MFish for management purposes. A membership/license fee would be charged. Participation in the organisation would be voluntary however, the intention was that all marine recreational fishers would join the new body.

The panel sought the agreement of the Auckland meeting to present the proposal to the Minister of Fisheries and subsequently raise funds to present the concept nationwide. No decision was made from the meeting about support or otherwise for the proposal. It was left to the proposal promoters to determine their next step. Notes of the meeting will be distributed by the panel in due course.

In mid-May the organisers advised the revised proposal had been presented to the Minister of Fisheries.

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To achieve a good level of understanding the process we believe it is important to read the information in chronological order. Please help yourself to the information below. We welcome your feedback.

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An over arching fishing body
Representation proposal - Timeline
A copy of the proposal presented to the Minister of Fisheries by Nelson Cross, Alan Key and Laurel Tierney. It is unclear when this proposal was given to the Minister but it was on or before 18 May 2010.

18 May 10

(Pdf 420Kb)

The meeting organiser's report of the Buckland's Beach meeting. This 18-page report was distributed on 18 April 2010. Some aspects in this report differ to the details recorded in the document written for the NZ Sport Fishing Council, Hokianga Accord, option4 and other non-commercial interests.

18 Apr 10

(Pdf 690Kb)

A report of the 26 March meeting, written for the NZ Sport Fishing Council, Hokianga Accord, option4 and other non-commercial interests. This report was written by three attendees at the meeting - Trish Rea, Jason Foord and Kim Walshe.

12 Apr 10

(Pdf 390Kb)

Securing a Fishing Future - a copy of the powerpoint presentation given to the Buckland's Beach meeting to discuss the creation of an over arching body for marine recreational fishing interests.

(Caution: Large file 3.0MB)

26 Mar 10

(Pdf 3MB)



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